Yes, you read the title right. No, I’m not crazy. Okay, fine— that really depends on the day. But I actually know what I’m talking about with this! 

Do you ever start watching a makeup tutorial on YouTube, and suddenly three hours have passed and you’ve watched 18? You’ve fallen in love with 10 different beauty gurus, and your list of assorted brushes and makeup ‘holy grails’ you need to buy is a mile long? 

With your newfound obsession, you start to add things to your Sephora cart. How much could 26 items really be?

Oh… That’s how much.

You could just go for it and decide not to buy any groceries this month. But you know that’s not realistic, so you slowly start deleting items, as a tear rolls down your cheek.  

Cheer up, girl. You already own a few items that are going to help you achieve your best eye makeup and lash look yet!


Aside from being a necessity when eating cereal, spoons are a great resource in the makeup department. No eye makeup looks good on or around your eyes when they’re puffy. And honestly, isn’t that a daily occurrence for everyone?

Skip the expensive creams, and throw a spoon in the freezer. Hold the cold spoon under your eyes and watch the bag disappear.

Blow dryer

Have you ever met a vlogger who doesn’t include falsies in every tutorial? Neither have I. It’s no secret that they look awesome. But I want to have long eyelashes without falsies. I want to grow long eyelashes on my own!

Of course, we recommend fLash, our eyelash growth serum.  But while your eyelashes are growing, you can use a blow dryer to give them unbeatable curl and make them look longer. Take your eyelashes curler, and heat it up with your blow dryer. Let it cool down for a 3-5 seconds, and start curling!


Eyeliner is the perfect tool to make your eyelashes look thicker. And we all know that winged liner is all the rage right now. But let’s be real—who can actually accomplish winged eyeliner that’s even on both sides? That’s where the tape comes in.

Take a piece of tape, and apply it next to the outer corner of your eye at an angle. Now you have the freedom to do your winged eyeliner without getting it all over the place. This can help with eye shadow fall out, too!


We’ve all had that dreadful moment. Our makeup is completely done. All we have left to do is apply mascara. That’s when the tip of the wand hits the bridge of your nose, or just under your eyebrows. Everything is ruined!

Fear not, Q-tips are here to save the day. Take a dry, or slightly dampen, Q-tip, and using the end, remove the smudge. Just like that, your makeup has been saved.


I’m all about volume when it comes to my eyelashes, but I am so not about clumping. Nothing drives me crazier than a bad eyelash day, and clumpy mascara is often the culprit.

There is a way, however, to get rid of those clumps without buying a high-end mascara. Take an old toothbrush, and use it to separate your lashes. Be gentle, though! We are trying to get eyelashes to grow, not rip out the ones we have!

While these may not satisfy all of your makeup cravings, this is a great first step to helping you create looks of your own! And while you’re adding things to your cart, you may want to consider fLash—super affordable with great results!

Be fearless. Be real.