Blogger. YouTuber. Aspiring makeup artist. Meet Holly Reed- a beauty fromSwitzerland based in Ireland, chasing after her dreams. And lucky for us, she wanted to review fLash when we launched our new packaging.

Holly’s makeup game is strong, but her talent goes beyond what she can do with a foundation brush. She’s a master in the kitchen, and her life experiences allow her to give sound advice, too.

Winged eyeliner and blending eye shadow may have come naturally, but Holly needed a way to grow long eyelashes. And even more so, she wanted togrow her eyelashes fast. With using fLash Eyelash Serum daily, she’s now put the finishing touch on her eye makeup look. 

Excerpts from The Lady Life Blog:

“You apply it along the base of your top lashes on a clean lid like an eyeliner. Idecided to apply it as part of my nighttime skin care. The formula is clear with noscent, which is great! It does promise that it's safe for everyone to use, even on sensitive skin.

I continued my 12-week trial over the Christmas, which caused me to leave the falsies at home and welcome the compliments on my natural lashes by the dozen. So many people have asked to see this post because of it!

Yeah so I think if you look close you'll see a minor difference. Jokes! I'm in love! It ishonestly like wearing falsies 24/7 but with zero effort! Look at the length. Look atthe curl. Holy Smokes!

The tube contains a 3-month supply of the serum. If your using the serum for the first time your results should be noticeable after 2 or 3 weeks but in full effect after8-12 weeks.”

Achieve long eyelashes without falsies with fLash Eyelash Serum! Be fearless. Be real.

Find Holly’s full blog post here