Creativity is ingrained in Kiera Mcrhule’s DNA; it’s what makes her who she is. From over-the-top theatrical costume makeup to a perfectly crafted fashion look book for any season, Kiera is all about reinventing herself.
You don’t want to miss this girl. Her hair is her trademark, and she’s even beenblessed in the eyelash department. She has naturally long eyelash withoutextensions or falsies. But she wanted bigger and better, so she tried our eyelash growth serum—fLash Eyelash Serum.
What happened next? Volume and curl like never before.
Excerpts from Bubbasdoll:
I started to see a significant difference in length after 6 weeks with my outer lashes,after 8 weeks I started to notice it throughout. After finishing the 12 weeks I founthat not only did my lashes grow they also curled a lot more which I was very happy about.
I noticed my lash growth with mascara on before I saw it natural as I had to change my mascara technique to work with my new longer, curlier lashes. I am so impressed with how they look with mascara on, they look false which is what I was hoping for.
Overall I can proudly say this works wonders and I recommend it to anyone wanting to grow their lashes. It costs $45, I know it may seem a little pricey but for the results its definitely worth it.
Whether you have naturally long lashes already or are looking to get long eyelashesfLash Serum is the key! Be fearless. Be real.
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