If you think Aisling Ebbitt is your average beauty blogger, you are sorely mistaken.One just needs to scan through her Instagram page to see her love for all things beautiful— namely food, books, and the great landscapes of Ireland.

Mixed in with that is what every makeup junkie wants to know. Her blog is compiled of ‘how to’ posts, products worth buying, those you can skip on, etc. So when we saw her post on how to get long eyelashes using fLash, we were thrilled.

Sure, we all want to know how to grow eyelashes overnight, but Aisling results prove that daily devotion to fLash is well worth the wait.

Excerpts from Aislings Beauty Bytes:

“A little background to my lash story. I've always had short, sparse lashes. All the lengthening mascara in the world couldn't give me those oh so coveted fluttery lashes, and falsies? Well *ain't nobody got time for that* I've always been interestedin trying out a lash serum, after hearing both YouTube stars and Bloggers alike,raving about them over the last couple of years. So anyway, on to the 10th of August,my serum arrived.

A little really does go a long way with this product so you don't have to coat it on, and luckily it sinks in, in minutes. I prefer to apply the product at night just because I find it more convenient (You can apply it whenever you like) and well, I continued this every night for three months, and now here I am!

I can safely say without a hint of hesitation, IT WORKS, LIKE REALLY REALLY WORKS. Before my lashes were flimsy and would fall out with the slightest pressure,but now, not only are the noticeably longer and fuller, they're also stronger thanthey've ever been before! It only took a few weeks for me to notice that they were slowly but surely growing at a pretty steady pace, and before I knew it they were longer than I could have imagined.

I was so impressed with the product that I've popped it onto my Christmas list so I can continue using it as part of my daily skincare routine once this tube runs out(I'm kind of addicted to it) The serum retails for €41/£29 and each tube contains2ml of product, which lasts for 3 months so it really is incredible value for money compared to similar (more expensive) serums on the market. Also there's a 90 day money back guarantee which is extremely reassuring if you're a bit hesitant about whether it really works!”

Now that you’ve seen Aisling’s results and how she was able to get long eyelashes using fLash, what are you waiting for? Be fearless. Be real.

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