Amy Ong adorably refers to herself as an ABC—Australian Born Chinese. Her love of fashion and beauty is apparent, and she’s got a great sense of humor. The beautymemes on her Instagram account will tell you that much. For Amy, her blog is allabout connecting, so we were super excited that she wanted to review fLash whenour new packaging launched!

Like many individuals of Asian decent, Amy’s eyelashes were short and straight, sousing fLash wasn’t just about how to get her eyelashes to grow. She needed an eyelash growth product that would add length, volume, and curl.

After three months, Amy is likely the ABC with the longest lashes.

Excerpts from Vogue Infatuation:

“After 3 months of continuous use I’m bringing you a review on the fLash EyelashSerum. I’ve always had straight, short and stubborn lashes which couldn’t hold acurl for more than 30 seconds, hence I didn’t even bother to put mascara on becauseit would make no difference to my face at all. After about 2 and a half months ofcontinuous use I noticed drastic results. At the 3 month mark, which is around no wall my friends and even family thought I’ve been wearing falsies haha, when all I’ve been doing is wearing mascara – that’s how much of a difference the serum made! See pictures below – it is more noticeable in real life than in the pictures.

At first I was skeptical about this product, because, I mean my lashes were so stubborn and short. As stated above I began to see drastic results after 2.5 months,at that stage I decided to put on mascara and see if it would hold and what do youknow, it DID! It held the curl for the whole day which was so amazing and it was foronce noticeable that I had eyelashes (lol). I found the product super quick and easyto use, the applicator is nice and firm; it only took about 10 seconds each night. Asyou saw in the result pictures, my lashes have grown super long and are now curlyinstead of straight! All my friends and family were in awe and thought I had beenwearing falsies, haha. I also used the serum on my bottom lashes which were super sparse before, now they’re all full and long!

This product is super affordable compared to other eyelash serums and is just as effective, I’d definitely recommend giving this a go if you have stubborn, short and straight lashes, it’ll change your world! I now can use mascara and have my eyelashes show up, woohoo!”

There are other options to have long eyelashes without falsies. Amy and fLash are proof of that. So what are you waiting for? Be fearless. Be real.

Read Amy’s entire fLash review here: