Want Longer Eyelashes? Know Your Options
Nearly every woman on the planet wants to grow their eyelashes longer, or grow their eyelashes thicker. Depending on patience level and budget, there’s an option for everyone to achieve this goal.
While we’d love to write an article titled “How to Grow Eyelashes Overnight,” sadly a way to do that just doesn’t exist. So we’ve compiled a list of top option that women are utilizing to get long eyelashes.
Cost: $5-$20
Pros: False eyelashes are definitely the most budget-friendly option. You can opt fora drugstore brand closer to the $5 mark, or go more luxury near the $20 mark. Someof these sets can be reused, giving you more bang for your buck. Falsies are also themost immediate solution. While you don’t actually achieve longer eyelashes, you give off the appearance that you have long, full lashes.
Cons: There is nothing permanent about falsies. When the day/night is over, offcome your falsies, and you are faced with your naturally short, stubby eyelashes.Fake eyelashes are also pretty obvious to other people. While you can find morenatural lashes, most people aren’t fooled. When those lashes start to come up in the corner, your cover is blown.
Cost: $100-$150
Pros: For those who want long eyelashes without falsies, eyelash extensions are a great option. Giving off the most natural look, customers can decide how long/full they want their extensions to be. While the process is long and tedious, you leave the salon with immediate results that can be enjoyed for weeks.
Cons: Many extension users have complained about their real eyelashes being damaged by eyelash extensions. Since the extensions are glued to your eyelashes, itcan damage the natural length and fullness you have. Furthermore, as you naturally lose eyelashes every 60-90 days, new lashes without an extension can give off the appearance of bald patches in your lashes.
Au natural
Cost: $7-$10
Pros: It’s inexpensive. Castor oil might make your lashes feel softer, but there is noclinical proof that you can grow eyelashes with castor oil.Cons: While many beauty bloggers swear by the use of castor oil, it’s not actually going to length or curl your existing eyelashes.
Eyelash Growth Serums
Cost: $45-$140
Pros: With a wide price range comes a wide array of products. From serums packedwith vitamins to encourage lash growth to active serums proven to improve lengthand curl, there is something for everyone. With a serum, you are seeing your veryown eyelashes change. No need to hassle with falsies, or going in every few weeksfor extensions. The lash transformation you are seeing is all yours, and will improve your overall eye look.
Cons: Results are not permanent. You must continue the use of the product tomaintain results. However, the cost of a serum that lasts for 2-3 months is much more cost effective than repurchasing falsies or getting extensions.
As one of the most affordable eyelash serums on the market, fLash Eyelash Serum is worth your time. With our 60-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose!