I roll out of bed around noon after a night out with my girls. As I start to orient myself, I see something out of the corner of my eye.

 No. This can’t be happening.

I immediately go into ‘fight or flight’ mode, and clearly choose the latter. There is no way I’m killing that eight-legged, hairy spider. I leap to the other side of the room, and scream… no one is home. I’m forced to choose fight.

You can do this. Grab the biggest shoe you have.

 I inch slowly toward the mega-spider, and lean down for the kill. Closer…closer…wait.

Are you serious?

I pick up the spider…..which just so happens to be my falsies from the night before. And sadly, it’s not the first time I’ve been fooled.

While the risk of having a heart attack may be an extreme reason to ditch your falsies, the list doesn’t stop there. I’ll admit—dramatic lashes are a must for any look, but there are other solutions than falsies.

Come on- what year is it? Get with the times.    

While an argument can be made that lashes are essential to every look, they are especially necessary with a smokey eye. We’ve all looked in the mirror after our eye shadow is done and shuttered at the horrible job we’ve done. Throw on your favorite pair of falsies and a few coats of mascara and- voilà! The smokey eye has been executed perfect.

Here’s the part we all forget every. single. time. Give your falsies 4-5 hours, and before you know it, the ends start popping up. No matter how hard you try (and cry) the lashes won’t stay down.

Forget that hot guy at the bar you were flirting with. He is now staring at your falsies as they attempt to crawl away…

Not hot. SO not hot.


Save your lashes, your pride, and your romantic life with these three tips:

  1. Baby powder is your friend.

Aside from using it on your hair when you haven’t washed it in a day (or four), baby powder is also perfect for adding volume to your lashes. Plus, it’s super easy!


  • Step 1. Throw on a coat of your favorite mascara
  • Step 2. Dip the end of a Q-Tip into the baby powder, and run
  • horizontally along your eyelashes
  • Step 3. Throw on another coat of your mascara
  • Step 4. Repeat until desired volume is achieved


2.Remove your makeup…and be kind when doing it.


    Ladies, we are no longer 19. Crawling into bed after a night out without taking off your makeup is a big no-no. Not only is it horrible for your skin (aren’t we passed the acne phase?), but it’s horrible for your lashes, too! 

    Be sure to take off your eye makeup every night before bed, and choose a makeup remover void of any harsh chemicals.

    Keep those lashes healthy, girls!

    1. Use fLash Eyelash Serum

    ….because, OF COURSE! fLash is the best (and most affordable) eyelash serum on the market for a reason. fLash gives you long, curled lashes in just a matter of weeks.

    Plus, it works for everyone. Don’t believe me? Try it out, and if you don’t like, they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee!

    You can thank me later. Or mail me a box of chocolate.

    Breaking up can be hard, but kicking your falsies to the curb is one decision you won’t regret. So grab a bottle of wine, your closest girlfriends, and start cutting up those lashes.

    Be fearless. Be real- with fLash.