Fashion, music, and pop culture are the heartbeat of Naddy Jiwany. Her greatestpassion, however, is beauty. Her tastes range from drugstore to luxury to everything in between; and she’ll try just about anything.

As a mother, stylist, and blogger, she has her hands full. While her eye makeup routine was generally easy, and a simple coat of mascara gave her the length she was looking for, Naddy was interested in how to grow her eyelashes thicker.

With the help of fLash, she’s achieved fuller lashes and simplified her beauty routine—all at a drugstore price.

Excerpts from Just Miss Naddy:

Let’s face it we are all in search of bigger, longer lashes be it, with glue, fibers,mascara, oils or serums, our quest for more is never ending.I’ve been lucky to have long lashes so my quest has always to have more fullerlooking lashes. But in general I’ve been happy with majority of results I’ve had from most mascaras.

Application seemed easy enough and without any irritation, which was one of my biggest concerns, though fLash does state it is safe for sensitive eyes. Within thefirst week can’t say I noticed much difference, but it does say on the box that bestresults are seen after a few weeks in. So I patiently waited and kept up my daily application.

After week 3 I began to notice my lashes looked fuller an the tips were reaching just below my brow line. So I was very excited to see what they were going to look like after the full 3 months.


I was worried about having spider eyes which I’d seen a fair bit of online whilst doing research on the serums, but overall was pretty impressed with this tiny bottle of joy, my lashes looked great, I love the fullness of my lashes.

fLash is available to buy online at £29 which I think is reasonable and considering the results it’s a fraction of what some of the other brands charge. If you’re lookingto try out a serum I’d would certainly recommend giving fLash a try. It’s easy to use, won’t break the bank and guaranteed great results.”

Whether you’re looking to grow your eyelashes longer, thicker, or even how to grow your eyelashes back entirely, fLash is your solution. Be fearless. Be real.

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