Waiting for fLash to Kick In? Follow These Eyelash Hacks

If you’ve recently purchased fLash Eyelash Serum, or just started using it, you know that amazing results are on the horizon. But if you’re like me, then you are getting antsy. You’ve made the right move by ordering an eyelash growth serum, but what you’d really love is to learn how to grow eyelashes overnight.

We know— it’s hard to wait a few weeks before you see the results. To help ease your pain, we’ve compiled a few quick hacks to achieve, or give the illusion of, the long, curled eyelashes you’ll soon have. Best of all, they’re all things you already own.


It’s All in How You Curl Them

A good eyelash curler is crucial when it comes to giving your lashes a longer, fuller look. If you really want to master the curling game, however, you can follow these easy steps!


What you’ll need: Eyelash curler, mascara, and a blow dryer


Step 1: Using the hot setting on your blow dryer, apply heat to the rubber on your eyelash curler. Like hair on your head, your eyelashes will stay curled for longer if heat is applied.


Step 2: Wait a few seconds before applying the eyelash curler to your eyelashes! You don’t want to burn yourself (obviously), but you definitely want it to be warm! Use your finger to feel it out before applying to eyes.


Step 3: Place the eyelash curler at the base of your lashes and clamp down. Count to three, and release. Move the eyelash curler slighter higher up on your eyelashes, and clamp down for another three count. Do it a third time even higher up on the eyelashes, and count to three.

  • Bonus tip: Pull the eyelash curler slightly up when counting to intensify the curl!


Step 4: Immediately put on mascara, and repeat with the second eye! If you’re going for a more natural look and don’t want to apply mascara, run a spoolie brush through your eyelashes.

Soak Your Mascara Tube

Nothing ruins a good lash day like clumpy or dry mascara. Your mascara formula is critical when it comes to achieving long, curled eyelashes. Sadly, mascara doesn’t always cooperate, but with a simple cup of warm water, you can manipulate your mascara to do what you want.


As you’re applying your face makeup, place your tightly sealed mascara tube in a cup filled with warm water. This will help thin the formula, taking away any tendency for clumping. When your ready, apply the mascara to your lashes, and be amazed as it coats and separates your lashes.


Bonus tip: Are you applying your mascara correctly? Be sure to wiggle your brush along your eyelashes, and use it vertically for those stubborn inner eyelashes, or on your lower lash line!


Perfect Your Bedtime Routine


We’ve talked about the importance of taking your mascara off every night in other blog posts. But if you want long, curled eyelashes, you’ll need to do a lot more. Follow these easy steps to take your eyelashes to the next level:


What You’ll Need: Eye makeup remover, a spoolie brush, an eyelash curler, and fLash Serum


Step 1: Using a quality eye makeup remover, take off all of your makeup.


Step 2: Using a spoolie or eyebrow brush, brush your eyelashes! The brushing can stimulate your hair follicles, and distribute natural oils along your eyelashes. Be gentle when you do this, too!


Step 3: Curl your eyelashes at night! We’ve taught you the best way to do it, but we didn’t mention the importance of doing it in the morning and at night. Your lashes will start to grow in naturally curled—TRUST US!


Step 4: Apply fLash Eyelash Serum to your upper lash line


fLash Serum is going to grow your eyelashes longer AND grow your eyelashes thicker. While you’re waiting for your results, however, and even once you’ve achieved the perfect lash look, these tips and tricks should be followed to ensure healthy, gorgeous lashes! Be fearless. Be real.